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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Madame Lombard'), lovesblooms wrote:

I received this rose as a rooted cutting over the summer and am now overwintering it (it's still small) indoors under lights on a heat mat, with six other similar-sized roses. Aphids have enjoyed nearly every other rose except this one, and it has not lost its foliage, yellowed, or spotted.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Leonie Lamesch'), RoseBlush1 wrote:

Solid rose, but blooms fry within hours in Heat Zone 8 even with afternoon shade.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Miss All-American Beauty'), freedombel wrote:

So far this is my favorite type of rose in my rose garden because of the color, which is way beyond vibrant pink, and the size of the blooms. They are long lasting and seem to resist diseases. It really is an easy-care rose that is pleasing to the eyes!

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Sunny Knock Out'), blue23rose wrote:

As noticed in the buds in these pictures, the blooms look like they are going to be a sunny yellow. However, once opened, they turn to a creamy yellow, which is not to say it is bad, just different than what one might expect. So there are varying shades from sunny yellow to cream on the shrub at the same time, which is nice. My own rose bush is in shade in the morning and about 4 hours sun in the evening.

This rose definitely is fragrant and fills the air... no need to put your nose into the blooms!

I have not had much problem with pests other than Japanese beetles and have not had much of an issue with disease either.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Pink Pet'), lovesblooms wrote:

The plant I received in trade first got a little sickly when transplanted, but with regular spraying for black spot (homemade mix) it bounced back--or tried to. First It was stepped on. Then it was hacked back by a wheedwhacker too close to the edge of the bed. When it finally bloomed, though, it was just adorable. It tirelessly produced clusters of little pink fluffy roses at only abut 5 inches high, and wouldn't stop even when I deadheaded to let it grow. And it totally forgot about black spot. I'm in love with it.

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