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Wanted: beautiful, disease-free, fragrant, easy-care roses for zone 6B csandt Aug 3, 2015 8:59 AM 9
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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Marilyn Monroe'), Paul2032 wrote:

People who show roses call their best show roses "bankers." I don't show, but if I did, this would be a regular entry. Nearly every bloom has perfect form and it produces blossoms all season. It is from a cross of Sunset Celebration, which it resembles, and St, Patrick. A favorite....

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Baby Austin'), RoseBlush1 wrote:

Although 'Baby Austin' is listed in the database as "thorned", the rose has very few thorns and is easy to work with in the garden.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Green Ice'), RoseBlush1 wrote:

I have been growing 'Green Ice' in a large container for ten years. The roots have pushed through the bottom of the container and are now growing in the ground. I haven't removed the plant from the container because I would have to butcher the plant to get it out of the container to replant the rose.

As you can see from my May 24, 2015 photo, the rose can grow much larger than the stated size in the database.

However, I do dis-bud all of my roses for the month of June to keep rose curculios from breeding in my garden. This cultural practice stimulates the plant to put on more growth, more foliage and more bloom with the plant energy that would normally go toward blooming during that period.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa carolina), GardenQuilts wrote:

I bought this rose from a "native plant" collection in Lowe's today. Of course, it was own root. I am looking forward to seeing it bloom.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Double Delight'), GardenQuilts wrote:

She is a diva, but she is a pretty diva. Worth the bother IMO.

I bought a healthy potted Double Delight to add to my red and red/white hybrid tea circular planting. It is keeping company with Ingrid Bergman, Chrysler Imperial, and Love. All were bought within a few weeks of each other at about the same size. Double Delight is the tallest one now. It took a while to get started, but it is growing and blooming now.

I planted the roses with Bayer systemic 3-in-one granules. I also treat them monthly. All my hybrid teas have a bit of blackspot on the lower leaves. Given the record rains and persistent high humidity, I am pleased that blackspot is only affecting the lower leaves.

By contrast, "disease resistant" floribundas on their own roots have pristine foliage despite the weather with the same fertilization/disease protection formula.

I am glad that I added the red/white Double Delight and Love roses with the "reds". The contrast helps the "reds" blend more harmoniously.

None have weathered a Pocono Polar vortex winter. All will be protected with peat moss and mulch or leaves. Mother Nature may add a foot or two of snow cover. I'll try to report back on the survivors next spring.

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