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 Growing Tomatoes with Free-Standing Hog Panel, Straw, and Bale Twine Growing Tomatoes with Free-Standing Hog Panel, Straw, and Bale Twine
By RavenCroft, April 2, 2014

My method of using hog panel provides easy access and super support for tomatoes, squash, beans, and gourds alike. I also pile on the straw for moisture retention and weed control.

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Tomato Cages for Pole BeansTomato Cages for Pole Beans
By Newyorkrita, April 1, 2014

Pole Beans save on space but need something to climb on.

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Taking Cuttings: Keep the Top UpTaking Cuttings: Keep the Top Up
By gingin, March 31, 2014

When taking long cuttings that can be cut smaller, I use a marker to mark the top. The mark will not hurt the cutting.

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Small Washtub -- So Handy for Watering Houseplants!Small Washtub -- So Handy for Watering Houseplants!
By Pentalinda, March 30, 2014

A small washtub has been given a second life. Once upon a time, my son used it at school to hold his supplies, and now it's my gardening friend.

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Keeping It TidyKeeping It Tidy
By grannysgarden, March 29, 2014

Just after the threat of frost has passed, and sometimes before, garden clubs and county gardening organizations will hold their annual, or semi-annual, plant sale.

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ATP Podcast #50: Common Gardening MistakesATP Podcast #50: Common Gardening Mistakes
By dave, March 28, 2014

With a brand new baby in the house we had to skip last week's podcast, but we're back now! In today's episode we get caught up on the usual goings on, and we discuss a few common gardening mistakes (and how to avoid them!) We also have a bonus segment today on our Pinboard of Bad Ideas!

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Pass-Along Plants - a Southern TraditionPass-Along Plants - a Southern Tradition
By SongofJoy, March 27, 2014

I'm sure pass-along plants are a tradition in other parts of the country besides the South. Today, some of the plants of our southern heritage can only be obtained at specialized nurseries or from friends and neighbors.

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In Praise of PetuniasIn Praise of Petunias
By mcash70, March 26, 2014

“Petunia is a genus of 35 species of flowering plants of South American origin, closely related to tobacco, cape gooseberries, tomatoes, deadly nightshades, potatoes and chili peppers; in the family Solanaceae." (Wikipedia)

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Don't Forget the Amendments!Don't Forget the Amendments!
By Anderwood, March 25, 2014

Everyone is tempted by the sexy blooms and luscious tomatoes we see in pictures, but if plants aren't happy, they won't live up to their outward appearance. Like humans, their beauty begins more than skin deep.

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Plant PortulacasPlant Portulacas
By Newyorkrita, March 24, 2014

Whether you call them Portulaca or Moss Rose, these low-growing bedding plants are a colorful and easy solution to that barren, hot, and dry garden spot where nothing seems to want to grow.

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Save Those Tall Crepe Myrtle Cuttings for Goodness Stakes!Save Those Tall Crepe Myrtle Cuttings for Goodness Stakes!
By DavidofDeLand, March 23, 2014

Save those tall Crepe Myrtle stalks when you trim them back now!!! I bundle them and dry them in the rafters in my old garage. Crepe Myrtle dries into a very hard wood indeed and the stakes can be used for trellises and such and will last a couple of years.

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Short-Day, Intermediate-Day, and Long-Day OnionsShort-Day, Intermediate-Day, and Long-Day Onions
By SongofJoy, March 22, 2014

Many onion varieties will be sold as either short-day onions, intermediate-day onions, or long-day onions.

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Water ChestnutsWater Chestnuts
By Trux4, March 21, 2014

Next time you make a salad or stir fry, imagine crunching on a sweet water chestnut harvested fresh from your garden. I decided to try to grow water chestnuts in my home garden in Central Florida using fresh lake water in a half whiskey barrel.

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Overwintering Hardy Pond PlantsOverwintering Hardy Pond Plants
By HollyAnnS, March 20, 2014

If you have a small water feature either above ground or with very shallow water, you may wonder about the best way to overwinter your hardy pond plants.

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Building a PondBuilding a Pond
By Carolyn22, March 19, 2014

When people put in a pond, after the pond has been built, they usually wish they had gone bigger, so plan your pond to be as large as the space for it allows.

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Portable PondsPortable Ponds
By Eric4home, March 18, 2014

Do you live in an apartment or townhouse or are you thinking of moving in a few years? Is digging a pond an issue for you? Then an above-ground water garden is perfect for you. Small above-ground water gardens have many advantages. No digging, no wading in to clean them, lower cost, and portable. Just look around and think out of the ground.

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Container Water GardeningContainer Water Gardening
By beckygardener, March 17, 2014

Anyone can create a water garden. A pond is not necessary. Instead, just about any container that holds water will do! It is very easy to create and nearly effortless to care for. Everyone should have at least one water garden featured in their yard!

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Plan Well for Your First Pond or Plan on Redoing It the Following YearPlan Well for Your First Pond or Plan on Redoing It the Following Year
By Oberon46, March 16, 2014

I imagine that some people build, or have built, ponds and get it right the first time. I suspect that most of us build one and then learn all about the issues we should have looked into before the big outlay. I had my entire back yard landscaped, including a 2800 gallon pond with waterfalls, with hardly a thought. Oh my, what a mistake. The following article shows the errors, the afterthoughts, the redux, and the final product. Still not perfect, but as good as could be done within the original parameters.

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The Top 25 Water Garden Plants, Selected by ATP MembersThe Top 25 Water Garden Plants, Selected by ATP Members
By dave, March 15, 2014

Here's a report of the most popular water garden plants from our database!

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Add Water Hyacinths to Your PondAdd Water Hyacinths to Your Pond
By Newyorkrita, March 15, 2014

Water Hyacinths will float on the surface and give your pond fish needed shade and places to hide from overhead predators. Water Hyacinths also give pond frogs safe places to sit when they are not in the water.

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ATP Podcast #49: Let's Talk TomatoesATP Podcast #49: Let's Talk Tomatoes
By dave, March 14, 2014

Last week was Tomatoes (and Peppers) Week at ATP so we're talking about our favorite vegetable. How do you choose from the huge variety of tomatoes? What's a determinate? What's an heirloom? What do I do about cracking, or viruses? Listen to find out!

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African Horned MelonAfrican Horned Melon
By greene, March 13, 2014

This fruit has many names. It originated in Africa and has been called Horned Melon, Hedged Melon, Melano, and a few other names, the most amusing one being Jelly Melon and the most inexplicable one being English Tomato. The fruit made its way to New Zealand, where the name 'Kiwano' was added (patented name) because they had such good luck getting the world to eat Kiwi fruit and thought Kiwano would catch on more quickly than African Horned Melon.

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Protect Your Seedlings With a Portable Mini-Greenhouse!Protect Your Seedlings With a Portable Mini-Greenhouse!
By Gymgirl, March 12, 2014

This handy little garden tool is invaluable when it's time to protect your seedlings from the cold, wind, or sun or to harden them off for transplanting into the garden.

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Landscaping To Attract CardinalsLandscaping To Attract Cardinals
By SongofJoy, March 11, 2014

Cardinals are among the most colorful and popular backyard birds. Providing a landscape that will attract them is well worth the effort.

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Growing Irises in Spite of BorersGrowing Irises in Spite of Borers
By TBGDN, March 10, 2014

Iris gardeners encounter many natural enemies of iris plants, such as leaf spot, soft rot, mold, and bacterial infections, but how much do we know about iris borers?

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