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Renewing a Favorite African VioletRenewing a Favorite African Violet
By 4susiesjoy, January 15, 2014

If you have a favorite African Violet and it has grown too large, looks scruffy, or has a turkey neck (it has lost its lower leaves and the stem looks long and lanky), but you hate to throw it away because it has sentimental value, or because it's a favorite, you can renew it. Without the lengthy process of starting a new plant from leaves, you can have a rejuvenated blooming plant.

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Bottom-Watering Seedling Trays with Cotton Flannel Prevents Water-LoggingBottom-Watering Seedling Trays with Cotton Flannel Prevents Water-Logging
By RickCorey, January 14, 2014

You can bottom-water seedlings right in their tray if you put a fuzzy capillary mat between the pots and the water-holding tray under them. Add only a little water at a time, and the mat will carry that water in equal amounts to every pot or cell.

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Light Spectrums' Effects on PlantsLight Spectrums' Effects on Plants
By drdawg, January 13, 2014

Light requirements vary from species to species and they even vary within the species themselves. Lumens measure light intensity whereas light spectrum measures wavelength.

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Winter Is the Time of Slow GrowthWinter Is the Time of Slow Growth
By bitbit, January 12, 2014

One important thing to remember about winter gardening is that plants don't grow very fast when the days are short and the weather's cold.

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The January Not-A-Raffle Raffle!The January Not-A-Raffle Raffle!
By dave, January 11, 2014

We kick off 2014 with a new raffle! Come in and check out our lineup of prizes.

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Peas Are Cold Weather CropsPeas Are Cold Weather Crops
By RickCorey, January 10, 2014

My Favorite Snow Pea Pod and Snap Pea Pod Varieties

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Brassicas for Early Spring PlantingBrassicas for Early Spring Planting
By abhege, January 9, 2014

As we start planning our spring vegetable gardens, one of the first crops we plant may include members of the brassica family, such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli.

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Choosing the Right Broccoli For YouChoosing the Right Broccoli For You
By bitbit, January 9, 2014

This winter garden staple has so many varieties that it's easy to get overwhelmed when you look at a seed catalog or well-stocked nursery. Here's a summary of a few varieties I've grown, and the pros and cons of each.

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Cold Season Crops? Yes, You Can!Cold Season Crops? Yes, You Can!
By chelle, January 8, 2014

Whether you like to get outdoors a bit each day despite the weather, or you just don't care to brave icy roads searching for expensive fresh produce, growing your own crops on into winter definitely has its benefits.

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Plant for Your Zone and Harvest All WinterPlant for Your Zone and Harvest All Winter
By bitbit, January 8, 2014

Even in the coldest areas, there are usually some plants that will survive the winter and allow you to have garden-fresh produce despite the weather.

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ATP Podcast #41: The Podcast is Back!ATP Podcast #41: The Podcast is Back!
By dave, January 8, 2014

Today our podcast breaks dormancy as we begin a new year full of new podcasts. Come on in, listen and get caught up with what's been going on around our farm, and see ATP's top 5 most successful ideas from the past 2 months.

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Avoiding Loose-Leafed Brussels SproutsAvoiding Loose-Leafed Brussels Sprouts
By bitbit, January 7, 2014

Sometimes your Brussels sprouts form loose, leafy heads instead of the tight ones you expect. Why does that happen, and how can you prevent it?

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Better Than SnowballsBetter Than Snowballs
By farmerdill, January 7, 2014

When I was young, the winter months were quite dreary. Food was minimal during the depression and was mostly dried beans and canned fruits, as well as vegetables and root crops stored in the ground. Fresh vegetables were rare and coveted. In Piedmont Virginia at that time, that meant kale, rape, parsnips and white mustard. I despised parsnips, and still do to this day. Dad would look me straight in the eye and say: “Better than snowballs when you are hungry."

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Spring and Fall CropsSpring and Fall Crops
By RickCorey, January 6, 2014

With cold-weather crops, your first garden harvest could occur weeks earlier next year!

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Bok ChoiBok Choi
By Newyorkrita, January 6, 2014

Bok Choi is a common ingredient in Asian Cooking. It can be stir fried or added to soups. But did you know that it is easy to grow your own from seed?

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Winter Vegetable Gardening for Mild ClimatesWinter Vegetable Gardening for Mild Climates
By dave, January 5, 2014

Most people consider winter the time when the gardens go to sleep and there's nothing to grow, but for those of us who live in fairly mild climates, there's a whole new kind of gardening that can only be done during those cold months.

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Harvest After Frost for Best FlavorHarvest After Frost for Best Flavor
By bitbit, January 5, 2014

Many cold weather crops actually taste sweeter if you harvest them after a frost instead of right before one.

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ATP's Top Cold Weather Crops ListATP's Top Cold Weather Crops List
By dave, January 4, 2014

Let's open this week with a look at a few of the most popular Cold Weather Crops from our Plant Database.

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Grow Tatsoi, A Delicious Asian Green.Grow Tatsoi, A Delicious Asian Green.
By Newyorkrita, January 4, 2014

Looking for something new to add to salad? Try Tatsoi Asian greens. Or serve as a quick stir-fry side dish. Steam it, stir fry it, or add it to soups. Tatsoi is versatile, pretty, and so easy to grow.

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How To Cut Spent Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Bloom Stalks in Difficult SpacesHow To Cut Spent Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Bloom Stalks in Difficult Spaces
By mcash70, January 3, 2014

Once the beautiful blooms have faded on your Amaryllis plants, the bloom stalks will need cutting if you are not letting the plant set seed pods. This will let the energy go into the production of the leaves to feed the bulb.

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Quick Way to Germinate Daylily Seed in a Cold ClimateQuick Way to Germinate Daylily Seed in a Cold Climate
By mainer35, January 2, 2014

Northern daylily hybridizers can use at least two methods to germinate their daylily seed. This can be done by planting the seed outdoors in a preferred growing medium. In this case, you can usually expect seed germination the following spring. If, however, you want bigger seedlings next spring, a quicker way is needed to germinate the daylily seed.

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Growing Strawberries in Cold ClimatesGrowing Strawberries in Cold Climates
By Joannabanana, January 1, 2014

Strawberries are of the rose plant family Rosaceae and genus Fragaria. There are over 20 different species and hundreds of varieties. In addition, there are three different "Types" of strawberries: June-Bearing, Ever-Bearing and Day-Neutral. The different types do require some different growing maintenance to achieve a good size crop in your home garden year after year.

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American Pokeweed, Pokeberry, Phytolacca americanaAmerican Pokeweed, Pokeberry, Phytolacca americana
By frostweed, December 31, 2013

What a beautiful and useful plant this is! This plant is really attractive with its red stems and white flowers that turn into lovely red berries. The leaves also turn gorgeous colors in the fall. It can grow as high as six or eight feet.

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Tulip 'Beauty of Apeldoorn' for Beautiful Colors in SpringTulip 'Beauty of Apeldoorn' for Beautiful Colors in Spring
By Newyorkrita, December 30, 2013

Sometimes they are solid yellow and sometimes solid red, often yellow with red streaks, or red with yellow streaks. If you want similar warm colors that bloom at the same time, then plant 'Beauty of Apeldoorn' tulips.

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Safely Growing Invasive PlantsSafely Growing Invasive Plants
By patrob, December 29, 2013

Grow mints or other aggressively spreading plants in tubs partially sunk into the ground. Punch a few holes in the bottom of the tub for drainage.

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