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Easy Houseplants for Beginners

By (@threegardeners) on
Have you finally decided you need a houseplant or two or three? Here are a few I love because they're both beautiful and easy to grow.

Aeschynanthus: Better known as "lipstick plants", these plants are actually herbs and related to African violets. They prefer higher humidity but mine do very well, even in the winter months with just an occasional misting. They like bright, indirect light; too much direct sun will burn the leaves. I keep mine on a shaded porch receiving late afternoon light in the summer and in the winter I keep it in a south window (Canadian south light). When they're growing readily in the summer they do not like to dry out completely; while in the winter they need less water.

2011-07-11/threegardeners/1e5be4 2011-07-11/threegardeners/7e954b

Episcia cupreata: Suitable for a hanging basket in a window, in a terrarium, even under lights, the Episcia is a very versatile plant. Their blooms are lovely but even when not in bloom the foliage makes this an attractive plant for the home. They are fast growers and don't need a lot of light (mine grow happily in a north window). Also related to African violets, these guys like to be kept watered but are very forgiving if you occasionally forget, sulking by drooping their leaves and maybe producing an odd brown leaf. They perk right back up again after a good drink. They are fast growers and easily propagated by the stolons they happily produce.

2011-07-11/threegardeners/9d54a2 2011-07-12/threegardeners/c40bef

African Violets: These are super easy! Water them regularly but they're also quite forgiving if water is denied occasionally. They'll grow nicely under an ordinary lamp, or in a north facing window. They flower freely if fertilized at 1/4 strength every watering. One word of caution...those fuzzy leaves are cat hair magnets.

2011-07-12/threegardeners/c95bb4 2011-07-12/threegardeners/e800d7
African Violet "green ice" African Violet "arctic frost"

Syngonium: They are also known as arrowhead plant. These will grow happily with just normal light. I have one in the dividing area between my kitchen and dining room, it barely gets bright light and grows happily. I even have one growing in a jam jar full of water in my bathroom, he's been there for six months and doesn't seem to mind one bit. These are a vining plant and do nicely in a hanging basket or even in a terrarium. Water when the soil is dry to the touch.


Give one or more of these plants a try when you decide you need to brighten up a corner of your home. You won't be disappointed!!

Thanks to plantladylin for the photo of African violets.

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