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Recommended gardening companies

This feature is a place for you to recommend your favorite gardening companies with your fellow gardeners. You can post a simple recommendation, or a full review with photos. If the company you like isn't in the list yet, add it at the bottom of this page.

Recently Reviewed...
By dragonfly53 on Apr 24, 2014 7:30 PM, concerning Plant and Gnome:

Chris has a good selection of plants and shipping is only $10.00 no matter how many plants you purchase. The prices are reasonable and the plants are well packed and arrive in great condition. He is very generous with his advice and I wish I could get tot he Farmers market to see his greater selections. The only caveat is that you MUST make sure the plants you buy are suitable to where you wil grow them, just the same as any larger nursery.

I will order from them again!

By terrafirma on Apr 24, 2014 7:04 AM, concerning Tropical Plants & More:

I am very pleased to be able to add my voice in recommending Tropical Plants & More. Though I've not ordered Orchids from Ken yet, I look forward to it in the near future! I have ordered supplies that I just can't find locally. My first purchase was a gorgeous piece of Portuguese Cork for mounting a baby Staghorn fern that I had acquired from a friend. The quality and beauty of this piece along with the affordable price were very intriguing. The care taken in packaging this piece was outstanding. I knew then that I'd definitely be shopping here again. Ken's passion for Orchids and tropical plants is contagious. He is always available, and he has a true desire for you to succeed in growing all these beauties. He's not just a seller; he is a teacher! He is always there to answer even what may seem to be the silliest of questions, which for a "newbie" like me, is invaluable. My most recent purchase of an 8 qt. Special Cattleya Mix was so beautifully mixed, and so generous, that I'll have to be adding to my orchid "collection" soon! Along with a sprayer/mister, that has become my all-time favorite!

I know that I will be going back to Tropical Plants & More for all of my Orchid/Tropical & More needs...and wants!

By jvdubb on Apr 23, 2014 11:45 AM, concerning Old House Gardens - Heirloom Bulbs:

Gosh, they are just fabulous. Last year I purchased several dahlias. I had problems with several of them. I let them know and they gave me credit, even for the ones that rotted due to weather and not anything they did. I used my credit to get gladiolus this year but I did buy one dahlia. When I got my order yesterday I received a free dahlia in addition! But the best part was the wonderful hand written note from Scott, the owner.

Oh, and they have a lovely monthly newsletter I always enjoy.

I will definitely buy from them year after year.

By virginiarose on Apr 22, 2014 6:33 PM, concerning Swan Island Dahlias:

I ordered 7 Dahlias a few months ago and was given a bonus dahlia for a total of 8. I did an Internet chat and was trying to add a couple of white ones, but the order had already been sent to the warehouse. The rep. did offer me half price shipping if I wanted to do a second order, so I did. I received the dahlias a few days ago and was glad they waited for good weather and did not ship at the normal time because even zone 8 still had freezing temps. I am very happy with the service and the packing. The tubers do look freshly dug, they were shipped in dry peat moss, and they look great! Highly recommended.

Thumb of 2014-04-23/virginiarose/52743c

Thumb of 2014-04-23/virginiarose/379b2f

By wildflowers on Apr 21, 2014 3:02 PM, concerning Logee's Greenhouses:

First time ordering - two Pineapple Guavas arrived in excellent condition, packed well and looking great! Will definitely use again.
Thumb of 2014-04-21/wildflowers/256519

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Bustani Plant Farm 1
Butchart Gardens Gift Store 1
Caladium Bulb Company 1
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California Cactus Center 0
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Combs Landscape Nursery and Gift Shoppe 1
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Deer-Resistant Landscape Nursery 2
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Ensata Gardens 1
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Filaree Garlic Farm 2
Florida Colors Nursery 2
Flowers by the Sea 2
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Gardens in the Wood of Grassy Creek 2
Gardens Oy Vey 1 1
GeoSeed 1
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Green Thumbs Galore, LLC 1
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Heritage Tomato Seed 1
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High Country Gardens 0
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Honeyhll Farms Nursery (Hellebores) 0
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Hornbaker Gardens 1
Hosta Haven 1
Hostas Direct 2
Hugelland Feed 1
Indoor Gardening Supplies 1
Irish Eyes Garden Seeds 0 0
J.L.Hudson, Seedsman 1
John Scheepers, Inc. 4
Johnnys Selected Seeds 6
Joshua's Native Plants 2
Joy Creek Nursery 0
Judy Davisson Daylilies 1
Jung Seeds and Plants 1
Kawamoto Orchid Nursery in Hawaii 1
Keiner's Nursery 0
Keith Keppel Irises 1
Kitazawa Seed Company 2
Klehm's Song Sparrow Nursery 1
Ladybug Daylilies 1
Landscape Design Advice 1
Lavender Fields Herb Farm 1
Lazy S'S Farm Nursery 5
LED Grow Master Global, LLC 1
Logee's Greenhouses 4
Lone Pine Gardens 1
Lucky Sumo Sanctuary 0
mamajack's 3
Marble Branch Farms 1
Marietta Daylily Gardens 2
Mary's Garden Patch 3
Maryott's Gardens 9
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Mid - America Garden Iris Nursery 2
Mike the Gardener Enterprises 1
Mike's Nursery 1
Mischel's Greenhouses Ltd. 1
Monarch Watch 1
Mountain Crest Gardens 2
Mountain Rose Herbs 2
Mountain Valley Growers 2
Mystic Meadows Daylily Farm 1
Native American Seed 1
Natural Gardening Company 1
Naylor Creek Nursery 2
Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizer 2
New Hampshire Hostas 1
Niche Gardens 1
North Hills Nursery 5
Northern Grown Perennials 2
Northern Lights Daylilies 3
Northland Rosarium 1
Oakes Daylilies 3
Old House Gardens - Heirloom Bulbs 6
One Stop Poppy Shoppe 1
Ontario Seed Company 1
Out of Africa 1 1
Palatine Fruit & Roses 1
Park Seed 3
Parry's Tree Farm and Nursery 1
Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply 1
Perennial Obsessions 5
Pete Harry Daylilies 0
Pine Knot Farms 1
Pinetree Garden Seeds 4
Plant and Gnome 1
Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. 6
Plant World Seeds 2
PooPeas 1
Prairie Land Dairy 1
Prairie Moon Nursery 4
Prairie Nursery 0
Randolph's Greenhouses 1
Richters Herbs 1
Romence Gardens & Greenhouses 5
Roses Unlimited Own Root 1
Rough Brothers Inc 1
Royal Colors Amaryllis 1
San Marcos Growers 0
Sand Hill Preservation Center 2
Santa Rosa Gardens 11
Schreiner's Iris Gardens 3
Seabreeze Nurseries 1
Secret Garden Growers 1
Sedum Garden 1
Seed Savers Exchange 2
Seeds From Italy 5
Select Seeds 2
Sequim Rare Plants 2
Siberian Iris Gardens 2
Silver Star Vinery 1
Simply Succulents 2
Slate Hill Farm (Daylily) 1
Slightly Different Nursery 2
SmartSeeds 1
SMG Succulents 8
Smokey's Daylily Gardens 3
Snowpeak Iris 7
Sooner Plant Farm 1
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange 3
Spring Fever Daylilies 1
Springwood Gardens 1
Sprinkler Warehouse 0
Sprout People 1
SRQHoyas 0
Steele Plant Company 1
Sterrett Gardens 1
Steve's Leaves 2
Stokes Seeds Ltd 2
Stout Iris & Daylily Gardens at Dancingtree 2
Streambank Gardens 0
Suburban Daylilies 1
Succulent Gardens 1
Summer Hill Seeds 3
Sunlight Gardens 1
Sustainable Seed Company 1
Swallowtail Garden Seeds 3
Swan Island Dahlias 1
Sweet Nectar Nursery 1
T&T Seeds Ltd 1
T's Flowers 2
Tagawa Gardens - Centennial Colorados 4
Tainong Seeds, Inc. 1
Tall Grass Farms 1
Tatiana's TOMATObase 1
Territorial Seed Company 8
Terroir Seeds ~ Underwood Gardens 1
The Hippy Seed Company 1
The Hostapedia Encyclopedia of Hostas 0
The Lily Garden 4
The Lily Nook 1
The Nature Conservancy 0
The Phantom Gardener 1
The Sample Seed Shop 0
The Seed Guy 1
The Sempervivum Patch 3
The Whitinger Seed Company 4
The Xerces Society 1
Thoroughbred Daylilies 2
Timberline Gardens, Inc. 1
Tomato Growers Supply 3
TomatoFest 3
Touch of Nature, Inc. 1
Trade Winds Fruit 0
Trio Nursery 1
Tropical Plants & More 3
Tropiflora 1
Troyer's Greenhouse 1
Uncle Waynes Tomatoes 1
Urgoodbuyz 0
Valley of the Daylilies 2
Veseys Seeds Ltd 2
Victory Seeds 3
Water Mill Gardens 2
Waterford Gardens 0
Watersorb 1
Well-Sweep Herb Farm 2
Wellspring Gardens 2
West Coast Seeds Ltd 2
Whitton Nursery 1
Wild Ginger Farm 2
Willhite Seed Inc. 2
William Dam Seeds 1
Willow Creek Gardens 0
Winchester Gardens 1
Young's Garden 5
Your Organza Bag 1

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