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Clinging Seeds SolutionClinging Seeds Solution
By wildflowers, April 24, 2014

For those seeds that are clinging to the inside walls of the plastic or cellophane seed packets, making it almost impossible to get them out, I found that rubbing the packet with a fabric softener sheet (dryer sheet) does a good job of stopping static cling.

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Growing Variegated Garden PhloxGrowing Variegated Garden Phlox
By 4susiesjoy, April 23, 2014

They are sometimes startling in the contrast between their leaves and flowers, but variegated cultivars of Phlox paniculata put on a bright and colorful display in the garden.

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Variegated Vinca Vine - Love It Or Hate It?Variegated Vinca Vine - Love It Or Hate It?
By SongofJoy, April 22, 2014

I seem to have a love-hate relationship with the variegated vinca vine. I know its invasive tendencies, but I still admire it for its hardiness, its striking blue-purple flowers, and its lovely variegated foliage.

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Variegated Plants in My GardenVariegated Plants in My Garden
By mcash70, April 21, 2014

Variegated plants add wonderful variety to the garden, and one of the loveliest in my garden is the perennial Jacob's Ladder Brise d’Anjou.

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Foliage Can Carry the ShowFoliage Can Carry the Show
By springcolor, April 20, 2014

Flowers are gorgeous but they can be here today and gone tomorrow. Foliage however, can carry the show 24/7 and throughout the growing season.

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The Top 25 Variegated Plants!The Top 25 Variegated Plants!
By dave, April 19, 2014

Let's open Variegated Plants week with a list of the most active variegated plants in our database. Among the thousands present, which ones have the most pictures, comments and other details added? Let's find out!

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ATP Podcast #53: No-Till GardeningATP Podcast #53: No-Till Gardening
By dave, April 18, 2014

In today's episode we have a long conversation about no-till. What are the benefits of tilling your garden, and what are the downsides? How can you garden without ever tilling, and why should you consider that? Listen to find out!

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Self-Watering Containers, an Earthbox Photo TutorialSelf-Watering Containers, an Earthbox Photo Tutorial
By david_reaves, April 17, 2014

Don't have space for a garden? Don't have the strength or energy for digging, raking, hoeing, and weeding? A self-watering container may be for you. Here's how I set up my self-watering containers, Earthboxes, for this year's tomatoes.

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Flooring for GreenhouseFlooring for Greenhouse
By Eric4home, April 16, 2014

We poured a concrete floor for our structure. After leveling the space by digging down a bit, we put up 8" forms. For the next step we put down recycled 3" closed-cell foam and covered it with poly. We left the center open for drainage and brick so we could access the power and water if repairs are needed. The pipe next to the shovel is the hydrant.The floor tilts to center 1"/3' to keep water from freezing the walls loose from the base.

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Making a Backdrop for Indoor Plant PhotosMaking a Backdrop for Indoor Plant Photos
By rocklady, April 15, 2014

When my indoor plants bloom, DH and I like to take photos of them. Sometimes it is difficult to obtain a good photograph of them without a proper backdrop.

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Above-Ground Ponds Are Easy: No Digging RequiredAbove-Ground Ponds Are Easy: No Digging Required
By Newyorkrita, April 14, 2014

You can easily have a small decorative pond by using a preformed ready-made patio pond.

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The April 2014 Daylilies Not-A-Raffle-Raffle!The April 2014 Daylilies Not-A-Raffle-Raffle!
By dave, April 12, 2014

This is it! The big one! One of the biggest raffles in the history of All Things Plants. We're giving away over $500 worth of prizes, so get your acorns out and buy your tickets! Good luck!

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Grow Your Cucumbers Vertically and Save Space.Grow Your Cucumbers Vertically and Save Space.
By Newyorkrita, April 12, 2014

If you are short on space in your vegetable garden, as I am, then up is the way to go!

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ATP Podcast #52: Talking Daylilies with Curt HansonATP Podcast #52: Talking Daylilies with Curt Hanson
By dave, April 11, 2014

We are joined today by the prodigiously award-winning daylily hybridizer Curt Hanson, and will discuss everything hybridizing.

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Water Beds for Daylilies?!?!?!Water Beds for Daylilies?!?!?!
By fiwit, April 11, 2014

Until fall 2013, the only water beds I'd ever heard of were for humans. Then Daylily hybridizer Lee Pickles described the water beds he made for his daylilies, and I knew I had to try it for myself.

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Daylilies in My Living RoomDaylilies in My Living Room
By profesora, April 10, 2014

Plants in the house soothe my soul, caress the air, blend color and texture naturally, and rescue me from deep depression. Dark dreary days contribute to depression, but plants and blooms counteract those days. I know that it is not this simple, but it helps.

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A Beginner's Guide to Growing DayliliesA Beginner's Guide to Growing Daylilies
By Hemlady, April 9, 2014

As a veteran of this wonderful plant, I can offer this advice to beginner growers or those who know nothing at all about growing daylilies.

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Growing Daylilies in the High CountryGrowing Daylilies in the High Country
By mcash70, April 9, 2014

It can be very challenging to grow most plants at an elevation of some 3500 feet above sea level, along with long cold winters and short, dry, windy summers with very cool nights.

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Confessions of a HemeroholicConfessions of a Hemeroholic
By fiwit, April 8, 2014

In the Daylily Forum, we tease each other about being addicted to Daylilies. While I'm confident that other gardeners feel the same way about their favorite plants, no other plant has really impacted my gardening life as much as these beauties we used to call "Ditch Lilies."

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Growing Daylilies from SeedGrowing Daylilies from Seed
By beckygardener, April 7, 2014

Growing hybrids from seeds is fun and an easy way to add more daylilies to your garden!

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Incorporating Daylilies with Other PlantsIncorporating Daylilies with Other Plants
By Seedfork, April 7, 2014

In my short period of gardening I have come to love daylilies, but I like them mixed in with other plants.

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Daylilies Upside DownDaylilies Upside Down
By Gleni, April 6, 2014

There are advantages and disadvantages to growing daylilies in sub-tropical Australia. You miss out on the easy access North Americans have to some of the best hybridisers in the world. But it also works the other way: So many excellent cultivars did not make it to the Northern Hemisphere.

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Instant Daylily Garden by Moving ClumpsInstant Daylily Garden by Moving Clumps
By Newyorkrita, April 6, 2014

I needed to move daylily clumps from an area in the backyard and was able to create an instant daylily garden in the front yard.

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The 2014 All Things Plants Top 25 DayliliesThe 2014 All Things Plants Top 25 Daylilies
By dave, April 5, 2014

It's Daylilies Week, and we're opening the special event with a special report on the most popular daylilies, as judged by our members. How do we compile this list, and which cultivars got the award? Read on to find out!

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Daylily Floral ArrangementsDaylily Floral Arrangements
By chalyse, April 5, 2014

Have you ever wondered whether you could cut some of your beautiful garden daylilies and bring them inside to display in a vase as a formal flower arrangement? Read on to see how easy and long-lasting a garden bouquet of daylilies can be!

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